I am thrilled to share my experience with the Arkell team and Dunn Law Firm. Despite the challenging times we are all facing, they made the process of obtaining my NIW, I-140, I-485, and green card fast and smooth. From the initial consultation to the final approval, their team was professional, knowledgeable, and always responsive to my questions and concerns. Their expertise and dedication ensured that everything went smoothly, and I felt supported every step of the way. I highly recommend Dunn Law Firm and the Arkell team to anyone seeking immigration assistance. Thank you for helping me achieve this important milestone!"

Texas State University

I am very pleased to say that, thanks to the expert counsel of the Arkell Immigration Team, my I-485 petition has been approved and I am now a permanent resident of the United States! The whole team was a pleasure to work with throughout this process and I could not be happier with their guidance and support. During the long process, everyone at the Arkell team was extremely supportive and responsive to any concerns or questions that I had. Mr. Arkell was clear about the expectations that I should have and answered any questions that I had about the process in general. I highly recommend working with Mr. Arkell and the rest of the Arkell Immigration Team, as their expertise and guidance made my immigration journey much easier!

University of Texas at Tyler

Working with the Arkell Immigration Team for my I-140 application was a positive experience from start to finish. Everyone on the team put in great efforts to ensure I received my I-140 Approval Notice! My field of work is atypical, being a unique combination of technology and human resources, but the team assured me that my case was strong enough to be approved. Kayla Clark and Brittany Martin were always quick to respond which also motivated me to work speedily on gathering the requirements towards petition preparation. The team's expertise in assisting me with my letters of support, along with their careful and thorough preparation of my petition made me confident that my case would be approved. I am incredibly thankful to the Dunn Law Firm, specifically Attorney Jim Arkell and everyone in the Arkell Immigration Team, for all their hard work on my case! I look forward to continuing to work with them towards the next steps in my process.

Penn State University


I am extremely happy to say that I have recently received my green card! Due to the hard work of the Arkell Immigration team, my I-140 petition was approved and I am now able to continue my work in the U.S. The Arkell team was diligent and careful in their work, ensuring that my petition was prepared in a timely fashion and all my questions were answered. Mr. Arkell was able to address any of my concerns throughout the process and he and the rest of the team made the whole process very easy and straightforward. When I first reached out to Mr. Arkell, I was not confident in the strength of my case. With only one first authored publication and two citations, I felt that I may need to build my credentials before filing. However, my consultation with Mr. Arkell was extremely positive and supportive, with the team assuring me that they could get my case approved. The strength and success of my petition is a testament to the skills, knowledge, and care that the Arkell team puts into their work. Throughout the process, it became very clear that they are true professionals in immigration law.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Thanks to a recommendation from a colleague to reach out to Mr. Thomas Arkell and his team, my wife and I are now green card holders. I want to highlight three aspects of the process that were highly beneficial. The first one is the preliminary assessment that Dunn Law performed about my case, which provided critical information about the high likelihood of success based on my academic and professional evidence to substantiate the EB-2 application. The latter demonstrates how a firm with a successful trajectory of case handling can inform clients when facing the decision to apply. Second, the strength of the argument behind the NIW petition demonstrated attention to detail about my profile, knowledge of existing legislation supporting my claims and making the case on my behalf. Third and last, digital handling of the process was convenient and clear. Thanks to this, I will be able to continue expanding my career on agent-based models and quantum computing on more solid footing. I can attest to the professionalism of Mr. Arkell, Kayla, Brittany and Dunn Law.

I want to thank the Arkell Immigration Team from the bottom of my heart for helping me change my life. Tom and his team filed an EB-1A extraordinary ability petition on my behalf which was approved in two days. I would like to tell my story to help others understand how Tom helped me enter a new chapter in my life as a permanent resident of the United States. I am originally from India and I am an experienced researcher and author in the fields of bioinorganic chemistry and cancer therapeutics research. I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemistry at Madurai Kamaraj University, then earned my Ph. D in Bioinorganic Chemistry from Bharathidasan University. After earning my Ph.D., I advanced my research in Japan and France before joining the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (“UIUC”) as a Postdoctoral Researcher, where I am currently a Research Scientist. At the time of my petition, I had authored or co-authored 15 peer-reviewed articles and 4 conference proceedings in the field of chemistry and had been invited to present my work at universities, international, and national conferences 3 times. My work had been cited 507 times, and I…

If not for the incredible hard work and dedication of the Jim Arkell and the rest of the Arkell Immigration Team, I would not be writing this as a new green card holder along with my wife. My case was a complicated endeavor, but with the representation of the Arkell Immigration team by our side through every step of the process, we are proud to announce that we are officially permanent residents of the United States of America. I was referred to Dunn Law Firm by a previous client of theirs who was also very enthusiastic about their services. My native country is Nepal and I am a research chemist with a Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico, and after conducting research as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of California San Diego, and while my I-140 was pending I moved to a postdoctoral research position at  the University of Nebraska. My research focus was, and still remains on the base chemical reactions that inform the development of pharmaceutical drug products.


I was one of the unfortunate many who drew a certain USCIS officer with a reputation for being difficult. The officer issued an RFE causing me great anxiety. To complicate things…

I am thrilled to report that with the help of Tom Arkell and the Arkell Immigration Team, my I-140 petition was approved and I received my green card. I wanted to share my success story to encourage others to seek their green cards and pursue their dreams in America. I am an Italian native with an M.B.A. from the Bologna Business School, a Bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering, and a Masters in Biomedical Electronics Engineering from The University of Bologna. Most of my work is in the biomedical field, and I have helped develop many life saving devices and systems throughout my career. At the time of my application, my work and research had 20 citations and resulted in my presenting at two national and international conferences. In addition to my development of technology, I had done research and taught at both Johns Hopkins University and The University of Bologna. I am thrilled to be granted a green card so I can continue to research and develop lifesaving technologies and keep changing the landscape of biomedical engineering in America. I have Tom and his team to thank for that.


While searching for an immigration attorney to help me on my journey of…

It is my great pleasure to let you know that we (I and my wife) received our green cards. I take this opportunity to share my success story of getting our green cards with you. I believe that this would help someone who is struggling (as I did two years ago) to find out a better approach (if not, the best approach) to get the green card. I’m SR, a native of one of the South Asian countries (not an Indian). I finished my Ph.D. in Agriculture and I moved to Madison to work as a Post-doctoral fellow at University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI. I wanted to apply for my green card soon after I moved to Madison as I realized that it would be much harder to get a job without my green card. But I was the least informed or least prepared to apply for the green card compared to my colleagues who were trying to apply for the green card as always I was focusing on my academic and research work. As I was struggling with not having enough time to prepare for our green cards, I decided to get a help of a lawyer group to apply for my green card. I searched different websites but could not finalize anything. When I talked to one of my friends who was already a green card holder,…

Oklahoma State University

Tom Arkell was recommended to me by one of my friends who had a very good experience with the Dunn law firm while I was looking for a lawyer to file for my NIW and I too approached them. After the quick initial evaluation and going through the first call with Tom, I decided to hand over my case to him and I consider it as one of the best decisions I have taken. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Tom and his legal crew throughout my journey towards obtaining permanent residency in the United States. I had a slightly complicated immigration situation while initiating my NIW application and needed constant assistance. Tom was willing to speak to me multiple times with no cost when many law firms demand a price per call. Also, the Arkell Immigration Team was very attentive to my concerns while being prompt at responding to them. I am extremely satisfied not only with their service, but also the professionalism they demonstrated. I have recommended the Arkell Immigration Team to many of my friends and I am glad to see that they have started their journey towards obtaining their permanent residency with the Dunn law firm.

Boise State University

I am extremely pleased with the work of the Arkell Immigration Team at the Dunn Law Firm and I am now a proud permanent resident of the U.S. They were all phenomenally professional from my consultation through the entire filing process. My research is in wireless communication and is primarily focused on 5G networks. Mr. Jim Arkell worked closely with me throughout the process and ultimately put together a very strong NIW petition on my behalf. I couldn’t be happier about having chosen the Arkell Immigration Team to represent me. I highly recommend their services.

Texas A&M - Central Texas

The Dunn law firm team was fantastic! Simply phenomenal from start to finish, I had a very positive experience for my NIW application. They handled everything quickly, answered any question I had promptly, I am very blessed to have had them on my side, they were with me every step of my case and informed me of any changes that needed my attention. I appreciate every effort you all have put in to my case, highly recommended!

Stanford University

I had an excellent experience working with Thomas Arkell and the Arkell Immigration Team for my green card application in EB-2 category.  The green card application process went very smoothly and my green card was approved without any issue and RFE. The team is highly professional. They responded to all of my inquiries very promptly and comprehensively. I highly recommend them for immigration petitions.

MD Anderson Cancer Center

After over a decade of transitioning from one visa to another, I can finally proudly say I am a permanent resident of the United States. I can honestly say I don’t think I would have the permanent residency without the enormous support and guidance from Mr. Thomas Arkell and the Arkell Immigration Team at Dunn Law Firm. I graduated from my PhD in Molecular Biology in July 2018 and started work as a Post-Doctoral Fellow on temporary OPT. With the help of Mr. Arkell, I applied for the NIW in March 2019, received the approval in October of 2019 and began processing the adjustment of status immediately. Even with all the difficulties as a result of the COVID19 pandemic I received my green card in July of this year. While the process was delayed numerous times, Mr. Arkell and the team guided me in preparing the documents, diligently answered all my questions, and helped me gather the documents that would present the most compelling case to ensure my NIW approval.  I highly recommend Mr. Thomas Arkell and the Arkell Immigration Team at the Dunn Law Firm. You won’t regret it.

Texas A&M University

The Arkell Immigration Team was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Mr. Arkell is an excellent Attorney and my immigration process was very smooth from the time I contacted him. The team is exceptionally knowledgeable, and they were very efficient in handling my case.  I went through Consular Processing for my case as I was living in Canada.  The Consulate was not responding to schedule my appointment and their processing times were very long.  I had a job offer from Texas A & M and desperately wanted to get my appointment expedited. The Arkell Immigration Team helped in expediting my appointment and I was issued my immigrant visa stamp to come to the U.S.  I am now settled in at Texas A & M University and it is all because of the hard of the Arkell Immigration Team.  I highly recommend Mr. Arkell and his team to anyone considering applying for a Green Card.

Pennsylvania, Organic Chemistry

I am writing to share my great experience that I have had with the Dunn Law Firm. I received my green card in less than a year and I don’t think I could have done it without them. I have since referred my close friends who are also currently applying for the NIW. They are an extraordinary, very knowledgeable and professional team and they made the whole NIW process simple from my first consultation to the moment I received my green card. Thomas Arkell and his team were very easy to communicate with and answered all my queries promptly.

Penn State University

I cannot thank Mr. Arkell and the Dunn Law Firm enough for their assistance and professionalism regarding the NIW cases. It was so relaxing and refreshing to be Mr. Arkell’s client during the NIW process. Mr. Arkell and his firm provide a very professional and highly organized service. They are very responsive and reachable as well. I had such a successful experience with them that I have introduced more than 20 people to Mr. Arkell for their NIW petitions. I am glad to say that all my friends came back with the same experience as mine.


After I learned that I had only 10 business days to live in US on valid H1 status in 2014, I spoke to Thomas Arkell and discussed my situation. He immediately gave me an option to submit immigration petition under EB1- extraordinary ability through concurrent filing of I-140 and I-485. Tom worked with me day and night including weekends to file my petition in 9 days, that not only gave me a valid immigration status to live in the states but I also received EAD in two months and got I-140 approved in four months. Dunn Law firm also filed my successful immigration petition under NIW category. Tom possesses high knowledge in immigration laws and regulations and is always willing to speak over the phone in case of emergency. I absolutely enjoy working with them and like their genuine and timely services. I highly recommend Dunn Law Firm, LLP.

Louisiana State University

I cannot thank the Arkell Immigration team at Dunn Law Firm enough for the success they achieved in pursuing my case. Their thorough and rigorous dedication to advocating on my behalf was a massive comfort during the entire NIW process. Remarkably, my I-140 was approved in just over two months, and now that my I-485 has been approved, I am elated.


I considered filing the I-485 myself, but in the end, I am happy that I hired them to assist me with the I-485 because of USCIS processing delays. It was reassuring to know I had a lawyer in my corner fighting for me from the start all the way to the end. Some firms only help with the I-140, but the Arkell Immigration Team helped from the beginning right until I received my green card. When choosing the Dunn Law Firm to represent me, it was important for me to know that I had a real lawyer with years of experience that I could actually talk to on the phone, as opposed to having to rely solely on email correspondence.


With the commitment and professionalism of the Arkell Immigration team at Dunn Law Firm, which included offering to take…

Johns Hopkins University

How did I find out about Dunn Law (and Thomas Arkell)? I searched on google. Of the 50 or so Law firms I found and contacted, Thomas Arkell rose above all from the get go. No other attorney would even talk to me without consultation fees (I was not asking any case specific questions and they never asked to see whether I was a qualified candidate) except Thomas Arkell. To me, that was a litmus test. For Mr. Arkell, it was not about the money, it was about the process. From my experience working with Thomas Arkell, only a few of the testimonials come even close to describing the commitment of Dunn Law Firm to their clients. They made a hard/stressful/uncertain process seem like a walk in the park. They made me feel like the only person they had on their schedule every day. Their streamlined process is fool proof from start to finish. Even though I thought that I was very thorough during the application process on my side, I was amazed and very impressed at how many small errors were caught by Mr. Arkell’s team. I can attest that they do go through every single line of every document you provide. Mr. Arkell’s team has your back from start to finish. Now,…

Aerospace Engineer and Pilot

I am extremely happy to report that my family and I have received our Green Cards. I benefited from the legal services of Thomas J. Arkell and the Arkell Immigration Team of the Dunn Law Firm.  Dunn Law Firm offered the best price I could find, and based on my experience and discussions from other Green Card applicants, likely the best service in the business.


I am a Canadian Aerospace Engineer and Pilot with multiple advanced degrees in Aerospace Engineering as well as a graduate of the United States Naval Test Pilot School.  My work is in the field of flight test education, as such, my proposed endeavor did not lend itself to the typical description of merit.  After researching multiple options, I decided to contact Mr. Arkell and send him my CV.


I signed a contract with Tom at the end of October 2018, my file was prepared by his office. My I-140 was approved in mid-March 2019 after a successful response to an Request for Evidence (RFE).  I can not overstate the impressive timeliness of this I-140 approval, Tom was able to ensure an approval within in only a few months, even with an RFE.  The legal assistance…

Seattle, Washington

Mr. Arkell is an exceptional immigration attorney, and I strongly recommend him and Dunn Law Firm for all NIW cases. He honestly assessed my case and meticulously guided me through entire process. Interestingly, my case was declined before I hired him. He was confident about my case and it was approved as he expected. His paralegals were very professional and courteous.  I sincerely thank Dunn Law, Mr. Arkell and all staff members for their dedication and commitment to help me continue to live my dream.

University of Illinois at Chicago

I had a great experience with Attorney Arkell and his assistants at Dunn Law Firm. Arkell and his assistants were attentive and flexible and tried always their best to accommodate my busy and sometimes hectic schedule. Their website is well done and has given me the opportunity to work on my application from home or the office and to check its status in real time.  I have referred at least 4 colleagues to their law firm and I will gladly continue to support them.


I had the pleasure to work with Thomas Arkell when I was applying for the green card. During the whole process I was amazed about their level of professionalism, confidence on decisions and guidance in each step of the process. They were always available to discuss the requirements of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and their support was crucial to the success of my process. I am sure that I obtained the green card in a such short period of time due to the way they worked and due to their strong experience with cases like mine. I hope to work with them to assist me when I will apply for my citizenship.

Southern Illinois University

Working with the Arkell Immigration Team at Dunn Law Firm has been a distinctly positive experience, and I am genuinely thankful for the support they have provided me throughout my immigration process. I am incredibly satisfied with the services they have provided, and their willingness to assist in any way possible. I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to everyone on the team who worked to ensure I received my green card in a timely manner. In summary, I highly recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for help throughout the immigration process, as this team of individuals is among the best.

Research Facility

I absolutely recommend Dunn Law Firm, and the Arkell Immigration Team specifically. Throughout what is typically a tedious and overwhelming process, they simplified everything and ensured I ended up successfully obtaining a green card! Everyone I had contact with carefully considered and thoughtfully responded to any questions I had and made me feel at ease during this stressful time. I could not be more thankful for this team of individuals!

University of Miami

I am very grateful to Mr. Jim Arkell and his team at the law firm for their excellent service and dedication on my NIW case. Mr. Arkell took my case despite my low citation number and gave me realistic and honest advice on how to prepare my petition. He was very knowledgeable and experienced in this field and guided me through every step of the process. Ms. Kayla Clark was also very helpful and responsive to all my questions and concerns. She did a great job in preparing my petition materials. Dunn Law Firm was very professional and efficient in handling my case and I am very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to apply for NIW. They are the best in the business!

Louisiana State University

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the Arkell Immigration Team for the fine work they did in helping me become a permanent resident of the United States. I started referring people to Dunn Law Firm and the Arkell Immigration Team when we started working together, as I recognized that these petitions are drafted with high standards and are of the highest quality. I will continue to refer anyone who asks me and I highly recommend this team!

Expert in Water and Wastewater Engineering. Atlanta, GA

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Dunn Law Firm for the amazing work they did in helping me with my immigration needs and to encourage others to contact them for immigration help as well. I am ecstatic that my NIW application was approved by USCIS! Thanks Dunn Law Firm!

University of Rochester

I am pleased to announce that, due to the hard work and diligence of Mr. Arkell and his staff, I am now officially a permanent resident of the United States. After filing my NIW, it was approved by USCIS in a little under seven months. My Adjustment of Status was approved in about three. This is a great honor for me and my family. I am so thankful that I can now continue to conduct medical research without worrying about my future here in the United States. Thank you Dunn Law Firm!

University of Nebraska Medical Center

I am deeply honored and humbled to have received my green card as a professional holding an advanced degree (E21). My PhD is in nursing from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. My area of research focus is geriatrics; Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias; telehealth; interventions for caregivers of persons living with dementia; and acute, transitional, and primary care of persons living with dementia. At the time of the application, I had 11 manuscripts and 1 book chapter published, with another book chapter scheduled for publication. This work was made possible with guidance and help of my teachers who worked tirelessly with me, and of course, my family who sacrificed so much without asking for anything in return.


I began working with Dunn Law Firm as a post-doctoral fellow at Vanderbilt University in 2020. The entire process from beginning to getting the green card took less than 3 years and I could not be more thankful to Jim Arkell and Kayla Clark for their help with this process. It took me several months to receive letters of reference from faculty members who commented on my work. I…

University of Georgia

I am thrilled to announce that I am now a permanent resident of the United States! I am extremely pleased with the service of the Dunn Law Firm and impressed by the immigration team’s ability to make the entire process, from filing an NIW application to filing Adjustments of Status on behalf of me and my wife, seem so simple and easy. I was amazed at how stress-free the Dunn Law Firm made this process for me. The commitment and attention to detail given by Mr. Jim Arkell and Ms. Kayla Clark throughout this process were remarkable. Their knowledge and experience left me with no doubt that I am working with the best people in the profession. I will wholeheartedly recommend Dunn Law Firm if anyone asks for a recommendation.  When the time comes, I will surely contact Mr. Arkell for assistance in earning my U.S. Citizenship.

California State University

I cannot thank the Arkell Immigration Team enough for all the hard work they did for me, which resulted in my I-140 approval in just one week! Every person I worked with was incredibly nice and also knowledgeable about immigration matters and were more than happy to answer any questions I had regarding the process. I strongly recommend attorney Thomas Arkell for his expertise in both EB1B, OPR, and EB2-NIW categories. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the work of the Arkell Immigration Team, and I highly recommend them for any immigration needs!

Massachusetts General Hospital - Harvard Medical School

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding support from Arkell Immigration Team at Dunn Law Firm in helping me with the EB2-NIW application. Their professionalism and expertise were invaluable throughout the entire process, and I am pleased to say that I could not have done it without their help.


The EB2-NIW application process can be daunting, but with their guidance, I felt at ease and confident every step of the way. Their attention to detail, thoroughness, and patience were outstanding. Arkell Immigration Team was always available to answer any questions I had and provide timely updates on my application’s status, which was greatly appreciated.


I am thrilled to report that my EB2-NIW application was approved within 10 months. This milestone would not have been possible without their assistance. I am grateful for the time and effort you put into this process, and your dedication to your clients is a testament to your firm’s commitment to excellence.


I would also like to commend your entire team for their hard work and professionalism. From the beginning to the end of my…

Washington University in St. Louis

I cannot stress enough the amazing work done by the Dunn Law Firm on behalf of me and my family. I truly believe that without the help of Mr. Arkell and his team, ensuring my permanent resident status would have been nearly impossible! However, under Mr. Arkell’s guidance, the process was smooth and anxiety-free. My interactions with Mr. Arkell and his team proved to me, without a doubt, that they are dedicated to this cause, and that they truly care about their clients and their cases. Thanks Dunn Law!

University of Houston

After being recommended by a friend of mine, I hired the Dunn Law Firm to handle my EB-2 NIW petition while I was working toward earning my Ph.D. My case was handled by Mr. Jim Arkel and his paralegal, Ms. Kayla Clark. My petition was approved very fast and without a Request for Evidence by USCIS. The way that Jim and his team handled my case, considering all the paperwork, processes, and the system in general was both perfect and professional. They responded to all of my questions promptly and provided me with all the clarification that I needed. In particular, I was really happy with the competitive attorney fees and payment options that the Dunn Law Firm provided me which was very convenient for me as a student. The work that the Arkell Immigration Team at the Dunn Law Firm did for my NIW deserves every dollar that I spent. My overall experience with Mr. Arkell and his team at the Dunn Law Firm was pleasant. All of my friends who entrusted their NIW to Mr. Arkell also got their EB2-NIW approved without an RFE. I have recommended Mr. Arkell to a couple of friends and will continue to strongly recommend him and his team to others who need similar services.

Rutgers University

My wife and I – citizens of Sri Lanka, came to the US in 2015 to pursue PhD programs in plant molecular biology and obesity & diabetes, respectively. Upon completing my PhD and while working as a postdoctoral research associate, we decided to apply for US Greencard.

One of my Sri Lankan colleagues recommended Mr. Thomas Arkell and his team at the Dunn Law Firm due to the success they had with their own greencard process. Later, I found several other Sri Lankans who had also contacted and hired Tom and his team for the NIW application process.


In short, all I heard about Tom and Dunn Law Firm was success stories and the excellent service provided to their clients. This rang true to us as well. I am incredibly impressed with the professionalism and courtesy displayed by the Arkell Immigration team at Dunn Law Firm. They did an excellent job in compiling my achievements and experience that ultimately led to my I-140 EB-2 approval and subsequent I-485 approval only three months later! I am now a permanent resident of the United States! I do not believe I could have ever found a better firm to…

Texas A&M University

I worked with Mr. Jim Arkell and Kayla for my I-140 (NIW) petition. Mr. Arkell thoroughly evaluated and explained the challenges to me before accepting my case. It was obvious from that first moment that he is an expert and experienced professional in the field. Kayla was prompt and patient in answering my questions and concerns. When the final draft and forms were sent to me to review, it was evident that they put real time and effort into preparing those documents; comprehensive yet customized to present me and my profile. They did a great job preparing the petition on my behalf in a quite short time. So, when my I-140 got approved, I decided to get help from them for filing I-485 as well. They were fast but precise in preparing the adjustment of status documents. I am now a permanent resident of the United States of America, and I am glad that I put my case in the hands of professionals. I am thankful for Mr. Jim Arkell and his group, and I highly recommend Dunn Law Firm. They are very knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy and that’s what you need for such immigration processes.

Expert in Advanced Coatings, Greenvile S.C.

I would like to thank the entire Dunn Law Firm team for the support received and the work done on my EB-2 NIW application. Jim and Kayla guided me through this complex process, providing the path to successfully achieve permanent resident status, on an employment based green card without any company sponsorship. I will refer Dunn Law Firm to any colleague or friend, and I recommend them to anyone who desires to apply for the green card.

Colorado State University

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone at the Arkell Immigration Team for their dedication and professionalism in assisting my husband and I in the National Interest Waiver process. Our permanent residency status was approved in a timely manner and with no difficulty. I am a researcher in the fields of cancer biology and neurodegenerative diseases as a Senior Research Scholar at Colorado State University. My petitions were drafted with the highest degree of care and I was always able to personally speak with my attorney if I had any questions or needed advice. I have the highest confidence in their service and have no hesitation in highly recommending the Arkell Immigration Team at Dunn Law Firm to anyone who is considering applying for permanent residency.

The Ohio State University

I’m writing to strongly endorse attorney Jim Arkell and the Arkell Immigration Team. In my opinion, the Arkell Immigration Team at Dunn Law firm are among the most talented professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They are the perfect combination of professional knowledge and personal compassion and offer very affordable service. In my opinion these combined qualities are difficult to come by in the area of immigration law. My National Interest Waiver case was handled with great expertise and they were a pleasure to work with. They responded to my concerns in a very timely manner. I am extremely grateful for their hard work that myself and my spouse are now proud green card holders and United States permanent residents! I’ll recommend them any day!

Test Pilot

Tom Arkell was recommended to me via a fellow flight test professional.  I am delighted to say that choosing the legal services of the Dunn Law Firm and its Immigration team was the best decision I made. The Immigration process is an extremely daunting and complex one. However, from the moment I first contacted Tom I felt assured I was getting the best advice available. It was also clear Tom genuinely cared about his clients and was on hand 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns I had; even during the many challenges presented by the COVID pandemic. As a Test Pilot with advanced degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Flight Test & Evaluation, Tom secured a successful I-140 NIW petition for me without issue and subsequent Green Card approvals for myself and my family. I am extremely grateful for the hard work and personal support provided  by the entire Dunn Law Immigration team. If you are considering undertaking an NIW petition I strongly recommend choosing Tom and the team to help you through this stressful endeavor.

Indiana University

After contacting about 20 attorneys, I chose Mr. Tom Arkell of Dunn law firm as my attorney for my NIW petition. Tom gave me his honest opinion about my case. Tom was the only attorney who gave me almost 30 mins free consultation via phone. Immediately after speaking to Tom, I was convinced that he is the right attorney for me. Tom and his hardworking paralegals worked on my case, providing quick responses to all my emails. My NIW was approved in less than 5 months. I retained Tom for my adjustment of status application as well, my case and that of my spouse was approved in 76 days. I strongly recommend the services of Mr. Tom Arkell of Dunn law firm to anyone who wants a knowledgeable immigration attorney with proven record of success for his/her employment based green card petition. Last but not least, for the excellent services he and his paralegals provide, their fees are very reasonable compared to other law firms.

University of Alaska

At the beginning of my application for permanent residency, the paperwork and effort required to becoming a Green Card holder seemed almost insurmountable. It was the professional, competent, and friendly support of Thomas Arkell and his team that turned my Green Card application into a well guided, quick, and pleasant experience. Thomas was professional and knowledgeable throughout the process. He recommended applying through the National Interest Waiver program which turned out to be excellent advice. Both Thomas and his staff were always available for my questions and concerns and were consistently quick and competent with their answers. Due to the expertise and professionalism of Thomas Arkell, my application was processed within less than 6 months without any problems or paperwork issues. The friendly and always prompt support of his team made my application for permanent residency a positive and enjoyable experience. Therefore, I highly recommend Thomas and his team to anybody who wants to become a permanent resident of the United States of America and is looking for competent and professional guidance through the process. You will not regret your decision.

Harvard University

I like to take this opportunity to endorse attorney Thomas Arkell and the team at Dunn Law Firm for permanent residency petitions.  After finishing my studies in the United States and completing my OPT training, I contacted Tom for advice in my immigration status and the best next step for me.  He and all of his team were extremely helpful in explaining, in detail, my case and gave me their advice to pursue NIW petition.  From there, they practically took me by the hand in each step of the process.  Tom and his team were very attentive, prompt to respond and to answer all my questions in a timely manner.  It was a smooth process with very active communication.  I would not hesitate to work with them in NIW petitions.

Winona State University

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Thomas Arkell and his staff for their outstanding service and professionalism in helping me and my wife from the preparation to the submission of the application for the green card. Our green cards were approved in a timely manner and with no problems. I therefore, have the highest confidence in their service. Your ability to get difficult cases approved is astounding. I have a friend who had prior pitfalls with many immigration lawyers. His application for H1B visa could not be approved. I recommended him to hire Mr. Arkell and which he did. He and his family were able to obtain the green card. I now personally know three friends who have obtained their green cards through Mr. Arkell. I therefore, have no hesitation in highly recommending Mr. Arkell to anyone who is considering applying for a green card through the national interest waiver.

University of Notre Dame

A friend of mine referred me to Dunn Law Firm because of his excellent experience with the firm.  I greatly appreciate the hard work and the level of professionalism demonstrated by Thomas Arkell attorney through all steps of my application.  I am very grateful to Dunn Law Firm for continuous legal support and care both during and subsequent to the approval of the case. To my greatest surprise, my case was approved without any issues. I strongly recommend Dunn Law Firm to everybody with immigration problems.

University of Illinois

It is my extreme honor to get introduced to this law firm with one of my friends. They are very professional and organized and most importantly, very accessible. I mean you can hear from them whenever you need them or have any questions. I strongly recommend them to lots of my family members and friends and wish them more success in future.

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

I am very grateful to Mr. Arkell and his team for their diligent work on my NIW application. Right from my initial consultation with Mr. Arkell and throughout the application process, I knew I had the right person to handle my case. Mr. Arkell and his team helped me in preparing my applications and kept me informed on every step of the application. The process itself was smooth without any problem. Mr. Arkell’s service is second to none and I am very pleased with the service I got. I will undoubtedly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney on an immigration case.

University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Mr. Arkell accepted working on my NIW petition a year ago and the case was approved several months ago. During the course of these months, Mr. Arkell and his team have been extremely honest, polite, punctual, and responsive. These factors are invaluable for any client. He is extremely professional and does not accept a case unless that case has high chances of getting approved. I believe my investment totally paid off. Many thanks to Dunn Law Firm!

Mississippi State University

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Dunn Law Firm for their competency and professionalism in handling my NIW case. I was pleased with every step of the process and how quickly my concerns were addressed by your firm. Since getting my NIW approved I have directed my friends with immigration needs to your firm and they are all satisfied with the services they are receiving.

University of Missouri-St. Louis

I have filed the NIW petition and application for my permanent residency with the help of Mr. Thomas Arkell at the Dunn Law Firm. Tom and his paralegals have walked me through the process smoothly and didn’t let me feel the pressure of preparation, submission or waiting for results, of course which was the hardest among all, at any time. They were very helpful, knowledgeable and professional and I had a great experience with them. I want to thank Tom and the Dunn Law Firm for their excellent service provided to me and I would definitely hire them if I ever have to file another immigration application.

Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development

I approached Mr. Arkell when one of my friends suggested I consult him for my application. I am very pleased with the quality of service I received from Mr. Arkell and his team during the application preparation, submission and waiting for the decision. Mr. Arkell is thorough in reviewing your qualifications based on the set criteria for the National Interest Waiver category and suggests whether there is a chance to succeed. I am impressed with the responsiveness of his staff when I had questions, which were responded clearly and in a timely manner. Our application was successful and I, my wife and son were able to receive the residency cards in a timely manner. The service fees he charges is reasonable. I strongly recommend Mr. Arkell’s firm for the immigration-related services.

Martinsville, VA Eastman Chemical Company

Mr. Arkell is a very experienced Immigration lawyer. He helped file my NIW petition with a Master’s degree being my most advanced level of degree. I was surprised at the amazing speed the process took (I-140 filed on the 24th of December and I had my green card in the mail on the 12th of May). All these were possible because of Mr. Arkell and his legal team’s expertise and wealth of experience in immigration law especially NIW petitions. I have already recommended him to three of my close friends who are also interested in securing Mr. Arkell’s services.

Harvard University 

I had a satisfying experience with the Dunn Law Firm. They have been very responsive and took my case seriously. All of my questions were answered within hours and they were good with following up.

University of Notre Dame

It makes me great pleasure to recommend your firm to anyone, which I do when I get a chance. I think Tom and everyone with whom I was working in your firm are excellent professionals and the whole team did a terrific job.

Appalachian State University

I truly appreciate the professional work of Mr. Tom Arkell and his team in preparing my green card application. They were honest and efficient and most importantly they responded to all my emails promptly.

New York City Tehran University of Medical Sciences

I’d be more than happy to express my gratitude to the Dunn Law Firm and especially to Mr. Tom Arkell. From the very beginning, when I first spoke to Mr. Arkell, I experienced a very smooth, precise, and yet professional process of work with high commitment. I am very much grateful to have approached your firm and would like to express my full satisfaction.

The University of Texas at MD Anderson Cancer Center

I applied for my EB2 NIW through Thomas Arkell’s law firm. Looking back at the process and hearing testimonies of others who have gone through the same process, it dawned on me how a competent attorney is crucial in making your case. Mr. Arkell and his team worked diligently and in a timely manner on my case. They help review all the recommendation letters, even after receiving an RFE letter, their commitment did not falter. One phrase, I vividly remember during out initial consultation is the promise to work with me until my process approved. FYI he did keep his promise.

Harvard University

I hired Mr. Tom Arkell for my NIW for my residence permit petition. I was extremely satisfied for the services Tom Arkell and the Dunn law firm offered. Their staff was also very professional and extremely responsive to my emails and inquiries. Of course, my petition was approved even without any unwanted hassle or back and forth.

BinOptics Corporation

I had a great experience to work with Mr. Tom Arkell and the team at Dunn Law Firm to file my NIW petition. My qualification included PhD degree from University of Toronto with focus on optical sciences. At the time I applied for NIW program, I was working in semiconductor industry in US on TN visa for several months. My NIW application had some complexities since the TN visa was a temporary work permit with non-immigration intent. I received clear guidance and full support from Mr. Arkell and his team for the steps to be followed to properly handle my case. My petition was approved without any issue. The entire process since filling the application to the date that I received my green card was about 10 months. During the time that my application was in process, Mr. Arkell and his team were very supporting and response to any inquires that I had and handled my case very professionally. I have no hesitation to strongly recommend Dunn Law Firm service for NIW petitions.

University of Akron

I would like to thank Mr. Thomas Arkell and his assistants in Dunn Law Firm for the excellent job and commitment they provide for my US permanent residency application. I found Mr. Arkell a very professional, knowledgeable and skilled lawyer in the immigration processes. He was very honest and up-front about my NIW approval chance. After he did a complete evaluation on my resume, publication and expertise, he gave me all information and advice during a friendly phone interview and assured me that I am a qualified candidate. I remember he said “if the case is not eligible, I will not accept it.” Surely, he was the right person that I selected for my green card process. Mr. Arkell and his team are meticulous and organized. I was highly impressed with the quality of the recommendation and petition letters were adjusted professionally while I had a technical interdisciplinary scientific background. They helped me through all the steps in preparing the documents, and addressed all questions and concerns patiently and accurately. It was extremely helpful and saved my time. My case was approved as expected within 3 months without any RFE which means their professional knowledge and experience…

Harvard College

When faced with the daunting task of applying for a green card, I took the advice of a colleague and contacted Thomas Arkell at Dunn Law Firm. Mr. Arkell and his team made the National Interest Waiver petition process as painless as possible. They responded to all of my queries quickly and clearly, which allowed my application to be completed without delay. I highly recommend Mr. Arkell and his team.

University of Notre Dame

My overall experience was very positive. I applied for the Green Card in 2015, when I was a postdoc at the University of Notre Dame. It took a few months to prepare all the necessary documents but after the paperwork was submitted, everything moved very fast. I received the Green Card only a few months later. The paralegals who followed my case helped me at every step of the process and always answered to all my questions. I would recommend Dunn Law Firm to anyone else.

Vanderbilt University

I have nothing but the utmost admiration for the professionalism and expertise with which Mr. Thomas Arkell and his team handled my case. I emailed Mr. Arkell during the final year of my PhD and he promptly replied and scheduled a free phone consultation. He carefully reviewed my resume and suggested I file the I-140 (NIW) and I-765 simultaneously. After signing the retainer his team helped me assemble all necessary documents for my wife and I, and filed my case within a month. During this month, Mr. Arkell’s team was extremely helpful and thorough. We received response to every email within one business day if not within a few hours. We received our work permit within 3 months, the I-140 was approved after 4 months of filing, and the permanent residency was approved in exactly 12 months. We cannot thank Dunn law firm for the most professional and reliable service that we received!

Baylor College of Medicine

I filed for the National Interest Waiver using the services of Tom Arkell at Dunn Law Firm, Bloomington, IL. I started the process whilst a PostDoc at Iowa State University. Tom guided me through the process and handled all the paperwork very well. Tom’s paralegal was very helpful; quick to reply my emails and enthusiastic when answering my calls. When the process with USCIS was going slow, they followed up with inquiries on my behalf. The fact that payment for their services was spread over the process was helpful for me. A friend referred me to Tom Arkell and I’ll gladly recommend his/Dunn Law Firm services to anybody. Their fees are very reasonable for the top-notch services they offer.


I am very thankful to Mr. Tom Arkell and his team for their proper guidance and professional handling of my green-card application. The success in my case was a pleasing experience, and I am very impressed with Tom’s attentiveness, prompt responses, and his helpful nature.


The Dunn Law Firm assisted me with my successful application for the National Interest Waiver filing. This is a very professional team whom I trusted and got a positive outcome, I will not hesitate to request their further assistance in any other immigration process and also I can highly recommend them for the NIW process. Thank you Thomas and team.

Nano, LLC.

Prior to being introduced to Thomas Arkell, I already talked to two other immigration attorneys. The first would not even look at my credentials, just asked me my year of graduation and then went on a monologue of how I should wait and get more experiences, bla bla bla. I went back to him about a year later and had the exact experience with him again. The other one simply asked me to send him my documents and he will evaluate and get back to me. Well, for a period of about seven months, I couldn’t get anything concrete out of him, only a contract to sign which of course I did not sign. My reprieve came when I was introduced to Thomas Arkell. I had a very wonderful experience with Dunn Law Firm. My wife needed to have employment authorization for summer internship, so after evaluating our case Mr Arkell advised that we file concurrent I-140 and I-485 so that I-765 can also be filed instead of going the F1 route from H4. My NIW was approved in four (4) months without any RFE and the I-485 (filed concurrently) was approved 3 months later. I have already recommended Dunn Law Firm to my friends and they are all full of praises about the wonderful job these guys do. One of my friends got…


I was introduced to Dunn Law and Mr. Arkell through a friend of mine who had worked with the firm on her successful permanent residence petition. Initially I had a few choices between various law firms but Dunn Law was highly recommended by my friend and my initial phone conversation and subsequent emails gave me more confidence about the service I would get. They also had given me a very reasonable service fee compared to other firms, so I decided to file my petition through Dunn Law. The initial consultation, which consisted of me sending my CV over and a 20-minute phone conversation, was free of charge, which was very helpful. At the time, I was a PhD student with multiple manuscripts in preparation and Mr. Arkell advised me to wait for a few months to publish those as well as receive more citations from my previous publications and to make my application stronger. I talked to Mr. Arkell a few months later and this time he deemed my application strong enough to file for NIW. The preparation of the required documents was relatively quick. In my opinion, Mr. Arkell’s team had a streamlined process, which was mostly done electronically. Their service was prompt and on-point, which…

University of Chicago

I’m writing to strongly endorse attorney Thomas Arkell, Dunn Law Firm for all immigration petitions. In my opinion, they are an absolutely fantastic team. They are efficient, knowledgeable, professional, yet kind, compassionate and patient. It is very hard to find all these qualities in one place! My NIW case was handled in a very prompt and organized manner. They answered all my questions and took care to evaluate each detail carefully before submitting my case. Applying for NIW can be a very complex, time consuming and arduous process, but working with Tom made the process simple in a timely manner. The task seemed huge and impossible to achieve in that time frame but Mr Arkell reviewed my case and it took him a few minutes to call me back and assure me that he will work on my case and we will be able to make it! I needed that kind of assurance at that time. Therefore, I believe that Mr Thomas Arkell, Dunn Law Firm is definitely the attorney to approach for every  NIW case and I’m very sure he would handle other employment-based immigration petitions just as smoothly.

University of Michigan

I would like to thank Mr. Tom Arkell and his wonderful team at the Dunn Law Firm for the extraordinary professional immigration service provided to me.  Hiring the services of Mr. Tom Arkell for my NIW and EB-1A green card petitions is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Mr. Arkell is very honest and sincere. My petitions were approved in less than two months.


When I started navigating through the complexity of the green card procedure, a friend suggested me to consult Mr. Arkell. I cannot explain how much of rough time I was facing in my career on temporary visas. After talking to Tom I felt very confidant and went ahead to start the green card process. In two months everything changed and I was so relieved that my petitions got approved. Mr. Arkell’s team is very professional. The whole process of green card application went so smooth that my petitions got approved without any queries. They guided me through every step in putting together the required documents in a timely manner. They are always available for consultation and very well organized. His flexible payment plan allowed…

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I just had my NIW petition and AOS approval in less than 10 months after filing under non-concurrent filing. A close friend referred me to the services of Thomas J Arkell regarding NIW and AOS filing since he went through the same process recently. … It was very easy to work with them and they were always very accessible and timely conscious in answering my questions. … They were very good at catering to my goals and my pace in terms of risk/cost involved of not doing concurrent filing and it worked out perfectly. I would definitely recommend his team’s services and would come back in the future in case I need assistance with immigration matters.


I am a researcher in the information security field, focusing on the security of critical infrastructure. … Mr. Arkell and his office provided good legal advice and excellent service starting from deciding on the right immigration path (NIW) for my situation. I had  just a little more than 5 months left on my H1-B and without an NIW approval within that time I would have lost my status. .. I would highly recommend Mr. Arkell and his law firm for your NIW and other immigration petitions without reservations.

University of Chicago

I would like to thank you for all the help and assistance you provided to help my NIW approval quickly. I highly recommend Mr. Thomas Arkell and his assistants.  They were always open to my extensive questions. Their professional guidance made my whole NIW process go smoothly and beyond my initial expectations.  I will definitely recommend Mr. Arkell to my colleagues.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

My NIW petition was approved in less than three months thanks to the hard work of Mr. Arkell and his staff.  I cannot say enough kind words about how they handled my case.  I was so impressed with their competence and professionalism that I recommended them to a couple of friends even before my case was filed and I will gladly continue to do so.  ..  Thanks for all your help and for being such great professionals.

Univ. Texas at Dallas

I had an extremely pleasant experience working with Dunn Law Firm to obtain the US permanent residency through the national interest waiver petition. I have been a post-doctoral research associate in electrical engineering specializing in research of packet processing architectures, digital systems and biomedical signal behavior analysis. The national interest waiver petition showed that this research has significant impact on network security, owing the novel hardware-based techniques that were introduced for abnormality detection. This work has also been linked to biomedical areas to identify irregular vital bio-metrics such as heart beats, where it has been proven to also have a great impact on public health-care. I have consulted with Dunn Law Firm about the NIW process. They patiently helped in preparing the support letters, documents and complete filing my application. Their confidence and advice was very assuring, and the entire process took much less time than I anticipated. The petition was approved 106 days after it has been filed with USCIS. I highly recommend Dunn Law Firm for researchers seeking assistance in filing NIW.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

When I finished my PhD in 2009, I proceeded to look for jobs where employers would sponsor my green card. It was harder than I thought as most jobs already required either US citizenship or a permanent residency. That was when I decided to take matters into my own hands and pursue a green card on my own.  I wanted to retain a lawyer to help me navigate the daunting application process. So I went to the website of the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association (AILA), where I found and contacted Tom Arkell. He responded to my email within minutes with a call on a Sunday afternoon. I was impressed. There were no guarantees as to the outcome of the application, but I wanted an advocate who would do his best in pursuing my case and, more importantly, someone who is trustworthy. I felt I could only ascertain this with a face-to-face meeting, which Tom did not hesitate to accommodate, even when it was on a weekend. Afterwards, I knew that Tom was the right person to take my case. He not only understood what it meant to immigrate to the US, because he underwent the same process as a student, he has also helped numerous others succeed in their application. Once I got the application going,…

Fairbanks, Alaska

Working with Thomas and all of his team made the process very easy and they were able to answer any questions that I had. I would definitely recommend them to any colleague or friend that would like to go for a National Interest Waiver application. It was a pleasure to work with them all.

North Carolina

I just received my permanent resident card, and looking back I think I made an excellent decision in choosing Tom Arkell’s law group to present my NIW case. Tom gave me a fair and realistic assessment of my case and was very prompt in answering all my questions and concerns throughout this process. His office prepared and handled my case in a professional and timely manner. I am very pleased with the quality of service I received at a competitive rate. I would definitely recommend their services for seeking employment-based immigration benefits.

Northeastern University, Boston, MA

I had an extremely great experience with Mr. Tom Arkell and the Dunn law firm. They know their job very well and make the whole process very smooth and fast. We filed my NIW petition in Jan. 2012 and received the approval in May 2012. Amazingly fast and smooth. I would like to thank him and his assistants and I strongly recommend them to everybody who is looking for an organized and reliable lawyer. They were very quick in responding emails and very reliable about timing (exactly how they had promised). I am very happy that I decided to work with them and I keep referring my friends/colleagues to their law firm.

Northwestern University

I first began the NIW process with hesitation as I was not very confident with my credentials.  Mr. Arkell and his team made me feel very comfortable with the entire process, as well as confident that I had a strong case.  They explained everything and answered every question I had.  They made the process very smooth and kept me updated on any developments from USCIS.  Just a few months later, I was approved with no first author publications, which was extraordinary.  This process has changed my life and I am very happy I found the services of Mr. Arkell. I sincerely thank the entire team.

Harvard Medical School

It was a pleasure to be represented by Thomas J. Arkell for my NIW application. From the moment I have contacted his office, the responses were always quick and his guidance, as well as the one received from members of his team, was clear and helpful during the preparation of all the documents needed for the application. The process was smooth, I was always informed of any updates from USCIS, and I did not have inconveniences along the time it took to get the acceptance of the NIW and the resident card itself which happened in less than 6 months, from the moment my documents were submitted to USCIS. I truly believe that the time he invested on preparing my case had a great impact on my successful application. I deeply thank him and his team for all the work done.

The Pennsylvania State University

I am very impressed with the service, professionalism and level of work that was provided for my NIW case by Mr. Arkell and his paralegals.  I filed for my NIW last year in April and received an approved I-140 about 3 months later.  As a citizen of India, I will have to wait for the final stage of the green card process but you can be confident that I am definitely hiring Mr. Arkell and his team again for the final step.  Also, money can be a factor as a postdoc but Tom Arkell was willing to work out a payment plan that worked within my financial means.  I highly recommend Tom Arkell and the Dunn Law Firm for filing successful NIW cases.


It was a great pleasure to be represented by Mr. Tom Arkell for my NIW application. I was introduced to Mr. Arkell by a friend who had already worked with him for the same application with a happy ending of receiving his/her green card. He gave me a realistic assessment of my case and was truly knowledgeable in every intricate aspect of the NIW procedure. NIW and permanent residency application can easily get long, time consuming and complicated: However, with the strong experience of Mr. Arkell and his team, it became a smooth and less stressful process. His assistants were also great in giving timely guidance whenever there was a concern about any part of the application. As such, I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Arkell and his team to any colleague or friend of mine who would like to apply for the US permanent residency through NIW.


I was referred to Mr. Arkell by a colleague (who had just had the NIW petition approved).  Initially, Mr. Arkell asked me to wait so that I could have more publications and citations.  Months later, Mr. Arkell contacted me and recommended that, “I could proceed with my petition and if he (Mr. Arkell) filed on my behalf he can get my NIW approved.”  At this point, I felt I was dealing with an honest person and I was confident in starting my application and also hiring Dunn Law Firm.  My NIW petition (and green card) were approved without any issues.  I experienced expert and professional legal representation from Mr. Arkell, his Paralegal and the staff at Dunn Law Firm.  My most sincere gratitude and thanks!!  It was a pleasure working with Mr. Arkell and his team.

Northwestern University

A friend recommended Dunn Law Firm, and particularly Mr. Tom Arkell, to me when I was a 4th year PhD student at Notre Dame. I knew the frustrations that come with looking for a job without a green card. My only concern was the money. I knew that my friend got his green card in a matter of few months through Dunn Law Firm, so I talked to Tom and he gave my wife and I a flexible payment plan. Trust me – the service was amazing! Tom was honest, thorough and professional. I started my application with the NIW petition, waited for the approval, and then filed for a green card.  My wife and I received our green card before I defended my PhD, which took less than a year.  As a previous F-1 student, the relief that comes with having a green card before my PhD completion cannot be described. I had four Job offers after my PhD. If you are considering filing for NIW or any immigration related petitions look no further. Every penny spent was worth it.  I would do it all over again with no reservations.

Penn State University & Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

My experience with the Dunn Law Firm, Mr. Thomas Arkell and all the staff has been extremely positive, and I’m glad to be able to write about it here. A friend introduced me to the Dunn Law Firm, after a previous contact I had with another lawyer had discouraged me from applying for a NIW. A phone call was arranged with Mr. Arkell in person, he was extremely professional, friendly and competent. We went over the details of my case and discussed all my doubts regarding the procedure. Mr. Arkell provided excellent advice and guidance, without which I wouldn’t have been able to get my green card, and he also reassured me that I had a good chance to see my petition approved. I am very happy about my decision to trust Mr. Arkell and all the staff at the Dunn Law Firm. I have referred at least 3 colleagues to the Dunn Law firm and I will happily continue to support and recommend them in the future. Not only they know their job very well and have plenty of experience, but most importantly they care about their clients. Thank you.

University of Oklahoma

I would like to thank Mr. Tom Arkell and his colleagues at the Dunn Law Firm for an excellent professional service they provided to my wife and I during our application for green cards through the NIW petition. It took less than one and a half months to get the approval for the NIW petition, and less three months for the green card. A friend of mine whose green card application was done through Mr. Tom Arkell recommended that I should hire him for my case. I am very happy that I had hired Mr. Tom Arkell, as he and his team are very meticulous in checking each document that was included in the application and in making sure the application package is prepared so that it reflects the presences of outstanding professional qualification that deserve approval, and for providing immediate answer to all my questions. I strongly recommended them to anyone who wants to apply for green card through NIW.

Houston Texas

I consulted Dunn Law Firm for my NIW petition, if I had to go through this process again, I would not hesitate to have them represent me. After the first consultation to discuss my credentials with Mr. Arkell, he promised to work diligently with me and have my petition approved – my case was approved within 45 days of application. All along, I experienced professionalism from Mr. Arkell and his assistants. They guided me to gather the paper work required for my case, and handled my case promptly while keeping me updated. I have no words to express my gratitude, to their competence. It has be a pleasure to work with Mr. Arkell and Dunn Law Firm and would recommend anyone applying for permanent residency to him.

Harvard Medical School

My wife and I just received our Green Cards thanks to the outstanding work of Tom Arkell and the whole Dunn Law Firm.  When I first called Tom I was in a huge time crunch: due to a previous problematic handling of my case which caused a lot of delay, I had to submit my Green Card petition in just one month!  Tom was the solution to all our problems and anxieties.  He and his staff worked with us on a daily basis, with great professionalism and competence, and were able to send our petition as quickly as promised. They were also of great help in obtaining the work and travel authorizations very quickly.  Most incredibly, our green cards got approved in less than three months without a blink, that was incredibly fast and smooth.  We wholeheartedly recommend Tom and his staff to anybody in need of immigration services.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I had carefully reviewed profiles of several immigration attorneys before I had decided to approach you. My decision was based on my search on the internet and feedback from my friends and  colleagues who were either in the process or had processed their permanent residency application not very long ago. I guess it could not have been a better decision as we got our permanent residency application processed in as little as 6 months… from filing to the green card in my hands.  … I really appreciate all your help and guidance all along in the process. It is common knowledge that the fate of a permanent residency application… is always difficult to predict.  Based on my experience I can certainly state that a good attorney can be invaluable asset in such a case… Thank you so very much.

University of Notre Dame

I contacted Mr. Tom Arkell to seek help about my immigration status when my OPT was close to its end. He immediately responded and based on my CV he suggested the NIW process to obtain a permanent resident status for me and my family. His experience and great knowledge in immigration law gave me a big confidence through the process. The rather complicated application procedure seemed very easy and it went flawless with Tom and his team’s help. The steps of the application process were clearly communicated. Their workflow is neatly organized and it enables to complete all paperwork without the need of personal meetings. All of our questions and concerns were answered promptly and in a neat timely manner. We have received our green card within four months after the application was filed. We greatly appreciate Tom’s and the whole Dunn Law Firm’s help. I will never hesitate to recommend him for my friends and colleges who seeks permanent resident status or have questions about immigration law.

Oklahoma State University

Mr. Tom Arkell and the Dunn law firm was first introduced to me by a good friend of mine who was working with them to apply for his permanent resident status. He told me that he was receiving a good service and I can expect the same. By that time I was a PhD graduate student just about two years behind my graduation. My wife was also doing her PhD studies. As students we had very little money saved just enough to cover the required expenses. Therefore I was very worried but decided to talk to Mr. Arkell because of the good recommendation given by my friend.


First Mr. Arkell asked me to email my resume and later he set up a telephone call to discuss my eligibility and other details. The discussion was very informative and I got all the details that I wanted to know about the green card process. During that time I had several publications in preparation and he advised me to wait till I publish them to make the application stronger. His comments on my qualifications and by asking me to wait, assured me of his honesty and professionalism in evaluating my case. This raised my level of confidence gave me some assurance that I will not lose my money and he…

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