USCIS NIW Processing Times Improving

We are seeing improvement in NIW processing times. NIW cases at the Nebraska Service Center have not been too seriously affected by the pandemic. NIW cases are still being adjudicated at the NSC in approximately 8 months. The Texas Service Center was struggling before the pandemic and became even worse. The NIW processing times posted online for the TSC continue to vary greatly. A new Director was recently appointed to the TSC and we are seeing improvements. While many cases are still languishing, we are seeing NIW approvals on cases from Texas coming in recently that have been adjudicated in around 12 months. We are also seeing some older cases being transferred from Texas to Nebraska, which will hopefully speed up NIW processing times. The good news is that we are definitely seeing improvement in the Texas processing times, and Nebraska is staying consistent. 


At this point in time, we do not recommend contacting a member of congress to inquire about or request an expedite of your NIW case. While we understand the frustration of the thousands of people who have cases that have been pending for a very long time, there is very little that can be done to help you speed up your case. 

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