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National Interest Waivers (“NIW”) offer a unique route for individuals with exceptional ability to obtain permanent residence in the United States without labor certification or a U.S. job offer. In his new ebook, Your Guide To National Interest Waiver Petitions, Thomas J. Arkell, senior partner at Dunn Law Firm, LLP, explains what a National Interest Waiver is, who is eligible, and how individuals can successfully apply. Thomas J. Arkell leads Dunn Law Firm’s immigration team. With over 20 years of immigration law experience, Mr. Arkell has helped hundreds of researchers, Ph.D. students, doctors, and scientists fulfill their dream of permanent residency in the United States. Mr. Arkell, who himself came to the U.S. as an international student before gaining permanent residency and U.S. citizenship, has a unique personal and professional commitment to helping individuals with exceptional abilities obtain permanent residency. Your Guide To National Interest Waiver Petitions is a concise yet comprehensive guide written to help prospective NIW petitioners understand whether they are eligible, the process of applying for a NIW, how long that process takes, the evidence that the USCIS requires, and how much petitioners should expect to pay. Those who file a NIW petition are effectively requesting that the labor certification requirement – which is ordinarily mandatory when seeking employment-based permanent residence – be waived because it is in the national interest of the U.S.  This labor certification process not only requires sponsorship from a U.S. employer, but it also can be long and cumbersome.  Accordingly, one of the major benefits of an NIW is that it can effectively avoid any of those labor certification headaches. Eligibility criteria are discussed in depth in the ebook, but, in brief, individuals with exceptional ability who can demonstrate that their employment in the U.S. would benefit the country are most likely to be approved. For more detailed information on NIW petitions, you can access Your Guide To National Interest Waiver Petitions here. Importantly, if you feel that you may meet these requirements and would be interested in initiating the NIW process, Mr. Arkell and Dunn Law Firm would be happy to discuss a FREE consultation to start you on the path to permanent U.S. residence.
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