My success story of getting my green card with the help of the Arkell Immigration Team.

I am thrilled to report that with the help of Tom Arkell and the Arkell Immigration Team, my I-140 petition was approved and I received my green card. I wanted to share my success story to encourage others to seek their green cards and pursue their dreams in America. I am an Italian native with an M.B.A. from the Bologna Business School, a Bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering, and a Masters in Biomedical Electronics Engineering from The University of Bologna. Most of my work is in the biomedical field, and I have helped develop many life saving devices and systems throughout my career. At the time of my application, my work and research had 20 citations and resulted in my presenting at two national and international conferences. In addition to my development of technology, I had done research and taught at both Johns Hopkins University and The University of Bologna. I am thrilled to be granted a green card so I can continue to research and develop lifesaving technologies and keep changing the landscape of biomedical engineering in America. I have Tom and his team to thank for that.

While searching for an immigration attorney to help me on my journey of immigration to the United States, I found the Dunn Law Firm and Tom Arkell. Tom was incredibly accommodating and even helped me complete the I-140 process while I was in my home country of Italy through the use of Consular Processing. Tom and his team are incredibly well versed in the intricacies of immigration law and proved to be extremely professional and accommodating during the petition process. I had a team member assigned to work with my case specifically, so I always had someone to reach out to regarding a question or a concern without having to deal with the hassle of communicating with someone unfamiliar with my case every time I had an inquiry. Tom was very reasonable with his pricing, and I had peace of mind and confidence that he truly believed in his ability to get my petition approved. Tom made sure that every aspect of his process was on time and very time efficient in order to get my petition in front of the right people in the most timely manner possible and his diligence put me at ease as I knew that he would never put my case off or leave me wondering what was happening in my application process. He and his staff collaborated with me and helped me through the process of writing excellent letters of support. Tom’s team made the entire process easy to understand. I would highly recommend Tom and the Arkell Immigration Team to anyone looking for assistance in the immigration process, their professionalism and knowledge base was astounding, their prices were reasonable, and they ultimately helped me acquire my green card.

Thank you to Tom and his team!

Luca Neri

My success story of getting my green card with the help of the Arkell Immigration Team.

I want to thank the Arkell Immigration Team from the bottom of my heart for helping me change my life. Tom and his team filed an EB-1A extraordinary ability petition on my behalf which was approved in two days. I would like to tell my story to help others understand how Tom helped me enter a new chapter in my life as a permanent resident of the United States. I am originally from India and I am an experienced researcher and author in the fields of bioinorganic chemistry and cancer therapeutics research. I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemistry at Madurai Kamaraj University, then earned my Ph. D in Bioinorganic Chemistry from Bharathidasan University. After earning my Ph.D., I advanced my research in Japan and France before joining the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (“UIUC”) as a Postdoctoral Researcher, where I am currently a Research Scientist. At the time of my petition, I had authored or co-authored 15 peer-reviewed articles and 4 conference proceedings in the field of chemistry and had been invited to present my work at universities, international, and national conferences 3 times. My work had been cited 507 times, and I served as a reviewer for the International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Modern Education, Chirality, Journal of Biological Sciences and Advanced Techniques in Biology & Medicine (ATBM). Additionally, I served on the Board for the International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies.

I met Tom while working at UIUC and from the moment I sent him my CV he was wonderfully responsive and personable. I was also blown away at how reasonable his fees were when compared to other nationally known immigration attorneys. Every aspect of the process was made easy to understand and streamlined for me. It is due to the exceptional personalized service I received that I have recommended many friends and colleagues of mine to Tom and the Arkell Immigration Team. I know that Tom and his team will treat everyone I send his way like his top priority and give every ounce of effort they have to make sure to try and get their petitions approved. I am so grateful to Tom and his colleagues for everything they have done for me and my friends. I would encourage anyone who needs immigration work done to send Tom their CV for an honest and candid evaluation.  I will continue sending people his way so the Arkell Immigration Team can help them, like they helped me.


Ramakrishnan Sethu

My success story of getting my green card with the help of immigration attorney Thomas J. Arkell.

It is my great pleasure to let you know that we (I and my wife) received our green cards. I take this opportunity to share my success story of getting our green cards with you. I believe that this would help someone who is struggling (as I did two years ago) to find out a better approach (if not, the best approach) to get the green card. I’m SR, a native of one of the South Asian countries (not an Indian). I finished my Ph.D. in Agriculture and I moved to Madison to work as a Post-doctoral fellow at University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI. I wanted to apply for my green card soon after I moved to Madison as I realized that it would be much harder to get a job without my green card. But I was the least informed or least prepared to apply for the green card compared to my colleagues who were trying to apply for the green card as always I was focusing on my academic and research work. As I was struggling with not having enough time to prepare for our green cards, I decided to get a help of a lawyer group to apply for my green card. I searched different websites but could not finalize anything. When I talked to one of my friends who was already a green card holder, he told me that Tom Arkell helped him get his green card within 2 months under the EB-2 category. He strongly suggested that I send him my CV.

When I sent my CV, Tom responded quickly and said that he would like to help us get our green cards. Tom was very reasonable with his service fee. It was a flat rate for both applications, I-140 and I-485 and there were no other hidden fees included. I have already talked with other lawyers regarding the attorney’s fees and most of them were very expensive. Tom accepted credit cards and asked me to pay his service fee in four terms which was a big relief for me as I did not have money to pay if he asked me to pay using my debit card or using a check. Always we had a clear understanding of how much to pay and when to pay. Another important thing was that when he was sending our applications to USCIS, he wrote checks for me as filing fee ($580 for I-140 and $2140 for two I-485s). So I was able to pay the whole amount using my credit card. What I’m saying here is that when you get help from Tom, you can start applying for your green card without having money in your bank account. I applied for two credit cards with 0% APR for two years. That gave me a comfort zone to pay back the whole amount without spending a penny as an interest. It is noteworthy that Tom did not charge a fee for using credit cards to pay his attorney’s fee. The other best thing is that they have a money back guarantee in case you do not get your green card. My interpretation for that is, if Tom accepts a case, that is a guarantee that you are getting your green card (if you follow his guidance properly).

When I signed the contract with Tom, the whole process was smooth. His staff was friendly and always tried to help with the situation. He assigned one staff member to work on my case and that was convenient as I did not have to explain the situation to different people to get the job done. All the instructions were clear to get all the documents prepared. They created an account for me and I could see the all required documents in one place. I uploaded them as they were ready. They provided templates for the recommendation letters. The recommenders were happy to see the templates for the letters as they did not want to spend too much time on creating letters from the scratch. They also helped me with writing and correcting the recommendation letters. They were an efficient group and did everything in time. Once we sent the documents to USCIS, it was a matter of time to receive your green card as Tom does an excellent job compiling all required documents and present your case to USCIS where they have a minimum chance of rejecting your application.

In short, the green card application process with Tom saves a lot of your time, you do not need to know a lot about the application process as they cover that for you, reduce the unnecessary burden on getting your green card, saves money, multiple options for paying his service fee and filing fee, no hidden fees or fees for using credit cards to pay his attorney’s fee, clear instructions, well-developed user friendly website for uploading documents, and cutting the postal charges for sending documents, finally you get what you want, your green card.  Good luck with your green card application and please do not hesitate to work with Tom.

Thank you, Tom and your staff!


SR and family.